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A Huge Thank You To The Generous ZANE Donors

ZANE always tries to respond to all our donors and thank them for their generous support. Here is one such letter and the touching response we received back.

Thank You Letter And The Touching Response

I wrote the following letter to one of our donors:

“I cannot tell you how encouraging it is for our Zim teams and beneficiaries to have someone call in and so generously donate in answer to an appeal as you have done.

Throughout the Covid 19 crisis in Zimbabwe, while it is both difficult and dangerous to move around, the Zim teams have somehow managed to continue to support the elderly folk who depend so heavily on the assistance they get from ZANE. Many of them are frightened and lonely and cannot get to the shops to buy essential items – without the calls and visits from the ZANE reps, they would be unable to survive at all.

Your kindness is literally transferred, as if in person, to the old folk who benefit from it, and we cannot thank you enough.

With many thanks and kind regards,

Nicky Passaportis”

In reply, I received the following letter which literally brought tears to my eyes:

It is one small thing I can do – I think of people all over the world struggling in terrible circumstances – I’m old, and even though I’m still in good health, there’s not much I can do, so if I can support teams who are working “on the front lines” that is at least something. I grew up in what was then Southern Rhodesia, and remember a wonderful childhood…….

So sharing a bit of money is one little thing I can do, and I hope to be able to continue to make small donations.

I appreciate so much what the ZANE staff are doing. I believe most of it is volunteer work – thank you so very much.

Best wishes


ZANE would like to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to all the people who have donated to support our pensioners.
It is greatly appreciated indeed!

If You Can Make A Donation To ZANE, We Would Love To Hear From You.