Running For Zimbabwe Pensioners

Ana Runs The Melbourne Half Marathon To Raise Money For Zimbabwe Pensioners

Ana Passaportis has become the latest InZANE person and has agreed to run the Melbourne Half Marathon on Sunday 13 October.

Ana has two little girls aged 3 and 2 but somehow has found time in her life to put the suffering Zimbabweans at the forefront of her mind and do this gruelling run to raise awareness of what is happening in Zimbabwe and to raise money for ZANE – let’s all dig deep and support her wonderful effort.

Please find it in your heart donate either directly to ZANE or go to Ana’s GoFundMe page and write a message of support.

Help us support our pensioners if you can.

Please visit Ana’s GoFundMe page and donate!

Donate Now

Please give generously – all proceeds of the run go to ZANE.

You can become a regular contributor to ZANE here