Blog Post 2: Mike Walks the Pacific Crest Trail – Sheep Mountain Wilderness

Blog Post 2: Mike Walks the Pacific Crest Trail – Sheep Mountain Wilderness

The Pacific Crest Trail has a reputation as a dry trail. About a week’s worth of rain usually falls on a thru-hiker, over the course of five or six months.

Well, it’s been two weeks of the PCT and there have already been six days of rain. Even more surprisingly, it’s been cold and windy down here in the desert as well.

A couple of nights ago, as it hovered near freezing, I spent the night clutching my trekking poles (which support my tent) while fifty miles an hour gusts buffeted the walls all around me. My bug netting was literally slapping me on the face.

When it began to rain, the water blew sideways under my rain fly, and I decided my masochism limit had been reached.

I packed up and scooted down the mountain in the dark.

I made it unscathed, but the incident reminded me that I can manage only two out of wet, cold, and windy nights.

Sheep Mountain Wilderness

I have progressed from Bear Mountain to between Sheep Mountain Wilderness and the San Gabriel Wilderness. I am now at mile 360.

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