The Land of Mountain Lakes - Mile 1895

Blog Post 7: Mike Walks the Pacific Crest Trail – Spring Has Arrived

Long trails started in the spring display some commonalities. There is the rush of being out in the wilderness again, which can make hundreds of miles feel nearly effortless. There is the wintry weather, especially at altitude, and I had that around Mount Baden Powell this time. There is the coming together and breaking apart of groups, pronounced this year because of the harsh conditions in the Sierras. Then there comes a time, deep into the hike, when you have surmounted the challenges, the land is green and awash with life, and the summer stretches out and out before you.

It’s a kind of hiking bliss, and I’m in it right now.

Crater Lake National Park - Mile 1830

Crater Lake National Park – Mile 1830

I’ve made it into Oregon, which has been spectacular and varied, much like California before it. There are many volcanic formations in the state, which often gives the scenery an extraterrestrial aspect. The burnt trees, victims of forest fires, add to this. There are also countless lakes and ponds, making for picturesque viewing, but also hatcheries for legions of mosquitos. I’ve had to dodge and flee them, in between admiring the scenery.

Crucial to my efforts has been my mosquito head net. It took some getting used to – a few nights ago I brushed my teeth quickly then replaced my head net as I swilled out my mouth. Something else distracted me and when it came time to spit I spat right into the head net – toothpaste everywhere but fortunately no witnesses!!

I’ve largely managed to avoid getting bitten, so far. Southbound hikers say that the mosquitos dwindle towards Washington, and I’m looking forward to that.

Position in Oregon

Where I Am In Oregon

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