Bulawayo Care Home Chairlady Steps Down

Bulawayo Care Home Chairlady Steps Down

Over the past few weeks we have been posting about the difficulties in Zimbabwe as the country goes once again into meltdown and how ZANE is stepping up to try and offer protection and help to the elderly victims who have nowhere else to turn for food, medicine and shelter in this deepening crisis.

Sometimes it might feel as if a small donation to ZANE might get lost in the system so we decided this week to share with you a letter we received from the retiring Chairlady for one of the care homes in Bulawayo to show you exactly the kind of difference that you, the donors to ZANE, are making:

To the ZANE team

As you are aware, I am stepping down today as Chairlady.

I would like to take this opportunity to record my personal gratitude and appreciation for all that you and your wonderful team have done to help us all sleep better at night! Reading back through the years to 2001 when I took over as Chairlady, has been an emotional experience because it has been a wild eyed, roller coaster ride in an open unguarded trolley – but you guys have been our safety belt! We could not have made it without your solid backing and help. Thank you all so much.

As I recorded in my report for 2018, “I would like to commend and thank ZANE who have assisted us since 2005 and without whose support I doubt the Home would have survived through the oppressive years of hyperinflation and the difficulties we have passed through until now. Reading through the past reports has demonstrated even more forcefully the part ZANE has played quietly in the background to ensure the pensioners were taken care of. There are not enough flowers or words in the world to praise and thank them for the wonderful, life changing support they have afforded over the years. To have been even a small part in this has indeed been a privilege that has marked my life.”

Please forward our appreciation and gratitude to every person who has helped support your incredible network so that they can grasp what an enormous difference they make to those who are helplessly unable to take care of themselves and for those of us who do our bit to help make sure their last days are as secure and happy as possible.

This comes with my deepest gratitude.

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