Who Can a Penniless Zimbabwean Pensioner Turn To?

Who Can a Penniless Zimbabwean Pensioner Turn To?

An elderly couple, aged 78 & 76 years old who were born in the UK, approached the UK embassy to ask for assistance and were referred by them to us.

They have a small amount of money left and know when this is gone, they will be destitute with no other possible source of income.

In 2002, they were brutally evicted from their farm which they had bought 23 years earlier. Managing to get sales from their last tobacco crop, they sensibly quickly bought a large house in Waterfalls which they shared with their equally disenfranchised divorced daughter.

He is clearly a very hard worker, good farmer and clever mechanic as he spent the next year secretly going out to the farm, & spiriting pieces of farm equipment away.

He repaired these to perfection and slowly they have been selling them off and have been living on the proceeds.

They have now come to the end of these supplies and have no other way of raising money.

Their daughter works hard for a meager salary and supports and schools her 2 teenage sons.
Wisely, they have placed their house up for sale and are considering options for alternative accommodation.

She is almost profoundly deaf and he similarly very blind with 20% sight left in 1 eye, the other being damaged by glaucoma.

He served with the Rhodesian territorial forces from 1957 to 1970.

* Names and images have been changed for security reasons.