Free Christmas Poems 2014 – available for download

Free Christmas Poems 2014 – available for download

For the past few years ZANE has published a book of poems to send out to our donors at Christmas.

We like doing this as a way to say “thank you” to our donors for their continuing support. It’s also an opportunity to gather more funds for the charity and it’s a nice way to remain in people’s minds throughout the festive season. We find that the poetry book, walk blogs and other thought-provoking and/ or entertaining items with a ZANE message tend to hang around in people’s houses (by the loo, on the coffee table, next to the spare bed, etc…) for longer than most charity literature. Thus they are often read by friends and family, sparking conversations and spreading the news about ZANE.

If you would like to download a FREE pdf copy of the 2014 Christmas Poems,
please visit our Christmas Poetry page.

As 2014 marks the one-hundredth anniversary of the start of the First World War, this poetry selection pays tribute to those who defended our freedoms in both world wars. ZANE’s vital role is to draw attention to the plight of those who today find themselves trapped in Mugabe’s often vicious and frightening Zimbabwe. We must not forget that there were many from that country who fought in the Second World War – today, the few remaining veterans, together with their widows, are pinched by the frailty that “cormorant time” brings to us all. This book pays tribute to our donors whose generosity has enabled many of these pensioners to live out their final years in some dignity.

Please be aware that although Zimbabwe has been out of the news for much of the past year, the position there is still desperate. Experience has taught the Mugabe regime that while murdering people with bullets and machetes can attract international publicity, killing them through slow starvation is usually ignored: this is what is happening today.

Last year, your generosity allowed ZANE to assist around 2,600 pensioners and countless others living precarious existences in the slums. However, through lack of resources, we sadly have no alternative but to turn away many needy applicants.

We hope you enjoy this year’s poetry selection and we wish all ZANE’s supporter’s a safe and peaceful festive season.