A Day in the Life of a Zimbabwean Pensioner

A Day in the Life of a Zimbabwean Pensioner

Written by one of ZANE’s Field Workers.

She was convinced her husband who is in the UBH Hospital in Bulawayo was dying and phoned me in such a state. I talked to her and calmed her down, giving her what assurances I could under the circumstances.

Every day she wakes at 4:30am and makes a sandwich for her husband and herself and starts the long and tiring process of catching an ET (Emergency Taxi) which will take her into the centre of town where she catches another ET to take her to the hospital.

She spends the day with her husband, making sure he has something to drink and eat, (you have to bring your own as the hospital do not provide food) and then waits for the doctor to make his daily visit which is in the afternoon.

She then makes the same trip home, totally exhausted, has her bath and goes to bed without bothering to eat.

One wonders how long she will be able to keep this up, whether she will survive long enough to continue her visits to the hospital, or whether she will ever bring her husband home where she will be able to care for him herself.

This story applies to so many who have no one to help them except ZANE.

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