Destitute Zimbabwe Farmers

Destitute Zimbabwe Farmers

A long and complicated story about two destitute Zimbabwe farmers who have applied for assistance.

John Small and Will Jackson (father and stepson-in-law) lived in Victoria Falls and bought a farm in 2000. The farm was taken from them in 2007. They did cattle, dairy, and irrigated crops and vegetables.

They have since applied for a farm payout from government. When they were evicted they were allowed to sell their cattle and they also managed to grab one tractor and sell it. They sold their house in Victoria Falls and bought the house they are now living in.

John (82) has been working until very recently, buying for a safari company. He was getting $400 per month. But he is now wheelchair bound. Will Jackson was working for a meat processing plant, until he had a stroke in November 2014. As a result of the stroke he now is epileptic and also in a wheelchair.

They had to sell a vehicle to pay for their medical aid shortfalls. The owner of the processing plant is paying for Masca for both of them. This is mostly covering Richard’s triweekly physio and medication. However, the drug payout only lasts for 9 months. They are not sure how much longer this company will pay for this.

One of John’s brothers was helping but he died 4 months ago and another died 18 months ago. To complicate matters when the man they bought the house from died, his widow maintained the house is hers despite their title deeds. So they have had to contest it in court, borrowing money ($5000) from family members.

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