Destitute Zimbabwe Pensioners

Destitute Zimbabwe Pensioner Conclusion: Happy Ending

Many of ZANE’s friends and donors got in touch with us over the plight of Janice (not her real name) and we can report that thanks to the support of wonderful friends in the UK and former colleagues in Zimbabwe, Janice has now arrived in the UK – this is the story from her friend:

“I collected Janice yesterday from the airport and was deeply perturbed. She eventually came through in a wheelchair and she is shockingly emaciated and terribly weak. I promise you that this is not an exaggeration. She has no strength at all, so much so that she could barely walk and had to be helped into the car.

We watched her devour everything put before her after her arrival including a cheese sandwich which she treated with amazement at being able to have both fresh bread and cheese together. Every last morsel was consumed with absolute relish. She took a good meal last night – meat, potatoes and vegetables and another slice of bread to mop up the gravy – she told us that she has been subsisting mostly on sadza with a little rice when she could get it but no fresh food – especially no meat or vegetables at all.

She is, we believe, clinically malnourished and so thin that we are wondering whether she ought to be hospitalised. She is terribly fragile and the idea of her being able to earn a living any time soon is impossible. She is struggling with the cold even though it has not been that cold for January here – we went out and bought warm underwear, jerseys and jackets and a pair of warm slippers for her.

To all those who have so generously contributed to the cost of the plane ticket and to ease her very real plight, a million thanks. The money will be put to good use in restoring her to normality and good health.

One of tomorrow’s tasks is to see about getting the all-important National Insurance number. Once we have that, we can see how to go forward getting her the help and benefits she needs. It is going to be a long hard battle but at least we have got her out of the terrible situation in Zimbabwe where she would literally have starved to death without the timely intervention.”

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Janice is very lucky to have been able to get away, but there are so many other vulnerable elderly folk who are trapped and have nobody to turn to other than ZANE – please help us to help them by making a donation to ZANE – every little bit helps.

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