Enjoy the Celebrations! Congratulations Zimbabwe!

Enjoy the Celebrations! Congratulations Zimbabwe!

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To fellow Zimbabweans, ex and current, and to all our ZANE donors and friends, it has been a momentous week for our beloved Zimbabwe culminating in the resignation of Robert Mugabe.

It has been wonderful to see Zimbabweans from all walks of life celebrating with real joy and a lesson for the whole world to see that despite the huge emotions, there has been no violence, no looting, no vicious talk of revenge, only happiness to be free of the brutal rule of the Mugabes.

Makorokoto | Asengamhlophe | Congratulations Zimbabwe!

While we wait with anticipation to see how the process of rebuilding our fractured country unfolds, I want to take this opportunity of reminding ourselves that the plight of the many Zimbabweans who have come to depend on ZANE for survival is not going to be resolved overnight.

It will take months, if not years, for the economy and institutions of the country to recover from the abysmal broken state that prevails at present.

The need for ZANE’s help is now greater than ever.

ZANE has been working in Zimbabwe since 2002 and the success we have had is due entirely to the generosity of you, our amazing donors and supporters.

Perhaps there will come a time when ZANE will no longer be needed, but until then, I ask you to carry on supporting our work and continue to walk alongside the people of our beloved Zimbabwe.

Nicky Passaportis
ZANE Australia

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