What A Week

Friday – Snapshot Of A Week As A Field Worker For ZANE

The role of field worker for ZANE in Zimbabwe is hugely challenging but also very rewarding. Every day is different; one cannot predict what the week will bring. I might start Monday full of hope and end it in tears of frustration. Equally, I might have the worst start to the day with a traumatic assessment of a pensioner in dire need, and end it drinking tea and laughing with a veteran whose health has been transformed thanks to effective diabetic medicine.

What follows is a snapshot of one week in September 2019 and all it entailed.


I run a monthly creative therapy session at one of the local care homes. We have an excellent turnout this morning – 12 men and women join in and we make beautiful greetings cards. It is a welcome opportunity for the residents to get together, socialise and take part in a shared activity. I’m delighted to see Erin,* who I have been trying to persuade to take part for several weeks, not only join in but thoroughly enjoy herself. I’m sure the tea and cake on offer was part of the appeal! After three and a half hours, I’m exhausted but return to the office with a full heart.

The afternoon is spent under a mountain of paperwork, only broken by a phone call from a farming friend who has an abundance of fresh peas. I arrange to collect these on Sunday afternoon for distribution to three local care homes. We are so grateful for donations like these.

I return home to a welcome glass of red wine and make a promise to myself to switch off for the weekend, not an easy task.

Next week, I will distribute dozens of monthly grants to ZANE recipients – without a doubt, the most rewarding part of my job. It is only possible thanks to the generosity of ZANE supporters. I know I will be called an “angel”, a “hero” and a “miracle worker”.

I’m not.

You are.

Thank you for making it possible. I witness every single day the difference it makes to the lives of the pensioners who depend on us.

* Names have been changed


Please find it in your heart to donate whatever you can to ZANE so that the important work of helping the most vulnerable Zimbabweans can be sustained.

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