Going to Bed Without Dinner

Going to Bed Without Dinner

ZANE fieldworker Shirley writes:

The power cuts have been horrendous this past week, daily cuts, the one on Wednesday was 18 hours.

Amazing how one has to adjust their life styles. I can cope with my computer work for two hours before the battery is empty, thank goodness for cell phones as there are days when we have no phone access. Getting up late at night to charge computer batteries and cell phones, boil water for drinking.

It’s the waste that has really made me angry, having visitors I stocked up on fresh fruit and vegetables, over cooked, most of this plus plenty of milk have had to be thrown out. A week before we were able to iron our laundry.

I do worry about a number of my pensioners as they to are experiencing this and are also getting up in the middle to the night to try and cope , some even going to bed without dinner and eating at all odd hours of the night. Is this situation going to create more accidents and ill health?

God Bless.