Homeless Zimbabwean Pensioners Require Medical Assistance

Homeless Zimbabwean Pensioner Requires Medical Assistance

We have previously written the stories of Mary* and David* followed by the sad death of David, and now there is more to tell about Mary.

Our ZANE nurse reports:

The Thursday before Christmas I had a call to say that Mary had fallen during a rather heated exchange with one of the other residents who had been drinking.

I arranged for an ambulance to fetch her and take her to the Parirenyatwa Hospital, where I met her. She was in an enormous amount of pain and I left her there with a promise from the admission sister that she would be attended to quickly and given some painkillers. I had many other people to see so I left her there.

At the end of the day I called the ward and they said they were keeping her overnight but I found out subsequently that she was only attended to the following morning at 5am and I was then phoned to say she was to be discharged.

She had a fracture of her right arm at the ‘head’ of the humerus, which had been set and also a fracture of her left wrist, which had been set with a back slab. This obviously meant that she was now totally incapacitated as both arms were involved and she would not be able to return to the camp.

I contacted the matron at a local frail care centre in Harare and she agreed to take Mary in to frail care without us having to pay a deposit. She is still there, and until she is able to look after herself again, will have to stay – somehow we will have to find the money to pay the fees for her care and I pray that these will be forthcoming.

I visited her again last week and she is doing well – loving being in a safe place where she is well cared for and the arms are healing nicely – I think she would love to be able to stay where she is but we simply cannot afford to keep her there on a long term basis.

If you think you can help, please donate to ZANE with the reference for Mary.

* Names and images have been changed for security reasons.

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