Old Age Home in Zimbabwe Being Crippled by Inflation

Old Age Home in Zimbabwe Being Crippled by Inflation

ZANE has been helping BS Leon for many years now but the need is rapidly outrunning the amount of money we are able to allocate to that particular home when there are so many others depending on us.

As you can see from the appeal below, things in Zimbabwe are beyond desperate and the elderly are the most vulnerable in the crisis. Please help us to help them by making a donation to ZANE – every dollar goes directly to where it is needed and is used to the utmost good.

Please help us to help them – the situation is critical.

Latest Newsletter

It is with great sadness in my heart, that I sit and write this newsletter update from BS Leon Trust.

For those of you who haven’t come across us before, we are a charity in Harare, providing shelter, accommodation and care for elderly and vulnerable people in our society – many of which have no family of their own.

Old Age Home Residents

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our Guardian Angels – those people who sponsor us and give us the opportunity to make an impact to the people in our care – be it in the form of financial donations, other donations including food/basic commodities, and of course those of you out there who dedicate your time to add more value and meaning to our residents. Thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts.

BS Leon Trust has been operating for over 50 years now, and we have seen highs and lows over a long period of time. We have celebrated together as a family, and we have cried together as a family. We have always managed to sustain ourselves on the little we had, making up for it with an abundance of love and kindness.

However, we feel that we face a crossroads as our beloved country goes through this turmoil, and it’s becoming untenable for us to continue looking after everyone to the standard that they so richly deserve.

As many of you will, too, feel – being without electricity for 18+ hours per day is extremely difficult. We need to run on generators, not only to heat our water so people can bath, and enjoy hot meals – but more importantly, for people who rely on oxygen provision to keep them comfortable, and ultimately alive. The huge cost of fuel is crippling us, and being winter – we need to keep our residents warm which cannot be done without heaters. Food and all basic commodities have more than quadrupled in price, and the families of our beloved residents are also struggling to pay their subscriptions/fees.

Our staff are struggling to feed their families, but not one of them misses their days at work as they also feel the impact we are making as a family. Their dedication and commitment to B.S. Leon is inspiring.

Two Old GentlemenOur priority is to keep our elderly residents away from hardship in their retirement and old age, giving love and care with all of our hearts. Unfortunately, our hearts cannot pay out the amount that is required, without some form of miracle at this moment.

There is a very real chance we will face closure if we cannot provide people with what they deserve.

We ask that you share this message far and wide, and please do get in touch with us if there is anything at all you can do to help us through this time.

We so hope that together we can avoid a terrible outcome, and sustain ourselves through this turbulent time, standing strong in the winds of change.

You can contact the office on +263 04 336974, or myself on +263 772243140

God Bless you all, for reading this message.


Martine Pelham Fox

Please donate and make a difference!

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BS LeonBank account details for direct donations.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1004286759
ECOCASH NUMBER 0783 603268

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B.S. LEON TRUST – MONAVALE ROAD, MONAVALE – TEL: 263 242 304366 MOBILE 263 772 243140

We would greatly appreciate any help – no matter how small – to keep this wonderful institution open and the old people in their home.