Walking for Zimbabwe: Tom's Walk 2016

Raising Money for Zimbabwe: A Thank You From Tom Benyon OBE

Dear Friends of ZANE Australia,

Jane and I – and our cockapoo, Moses – recently finished our sixth marathon walk from Hay-on-Wye to Ipswich. We completed the journey – some 220 long miles – exhausted, but on time!

Many thanks to all of you who generously sponsored us. If you have not yet sent a donation, there is, of course, still time to do so.

We are most grateful to those of you who gave us unstinting hospitality along the way.

Please find the walk commentary on our website: ZANE ( Although I am realistic enough to know that you will not necessarily agree with all – or even any – of my views, I hope, at least you will enjoy reading them.

You will have read in the media that Zimbabwe is now the second poorest country in the world. On top of that humiliation, it is suffering an acute cash crisis whereby it is proving more or less impossible for many people to access their funds from Zimbabwean banks.

Please note that ZANE has been providing aid to frail and elderly veterans for 13 long years. In that time, we have developed considerable expertise to justify the claim that your generous donations actually do save lives, and that we have never lost money to corrupt officials or failed banks. Of course, the details of our systems cannot be disclosed for security reasons, but ZANE is confident that it can continue to be so effective.

Please remember that your donations are hand-delivered by our brave and loyal staff: they ensure that aid actually gets into the correct hand at the right time. All donations are individually receipted and rare subject to a full audit.

We are proud that an independent consultancy reviewed ZANE’s systems and reported: “ZANE thrives in its responsiveness, flexibility and lack of bureaucracy. Operationally ZANE is frugal, focused and effective in delivering aid to the needy.”

HE Catroina Lang, CMG, the current UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe recently stated:

ZANE is one of the most impressive charities I have seen …. ZANE ensures that every penny raised is used to deliver results.

Your generous donations provide a lifeline and you can be proud of the difference you are making. Thanks to you, many forgotten and frail people like the 620 veterans – are living in some modest degree of comfort. They are very grateful to you.

I hope you enjoy reading the walk commentary.

Tom Benyon OBE

Founder of ZANE: Zimbabwe a National Emergency

PS: Please understand that this walk commentary is a ZANE promotion.

Thanks to you, it always raises many times the cost of production and dispatch.

Please donate and make a difference!

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