Sydney Marathon by Jason Steed

Running The Sydney Marathon – Raising Money For Needy Pensioners in Zimbabwe  

Jason Steed is the latest volunteer for the “I am Totally InZANE” challenge and will run the Sydney Marathon on Sunday 15th September to raise funds for, and awareness of the situation in Zimbabwe.

Jason was born and grew up in Zimbabwe and has lived for several years in Australia. Like so many ex-Zimbos, Jason has a huge heart for the country of his birth and the terrible suffering of the victims of the complete collapse of civil society.

Please support his wonderful effort by giving generously – all gifts are tax-deductible and the money is directed straight to those who need it so desperately.

Jason Steed: Fundraising For ZANE

On Sunday, September 15th, I will be running the Sydney Marathon to raise funds in aid of ZANE (Zimbabwe A National Emergency).

The predicament of Zimbabweans cannot be exaggerated: unemployment is extreme – some estimates suggest under-employment is 90%; electricity flickers for a mere five or six hours a day; the UN’s World Food Programme fears that half of the population will need food aid to survive next year.

I grew up in a Zimbabwe unrecognisable from today’s devastation – literacy was the highest in Africa, jobs and food were plentiful – people were happy. ZANE gives some of Zimbabwe’s most disadvantaged a glimmer of hope: the aged, orphans, veterans and many others. The charity’s work is tireless, effective and has transformed the lives of many hopeless men, women, and children.

Please consider making a donation to this most worthy of causes.

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Please give generously – all proceeds go to ZANE.

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