A Sad Farewell to David - Zimbabwean Buried in Pauper's Grave

A Sad Farewell to David – Zimbabwean Buried in Pauper’s Grave

In June we posted a story about Mary*, who had been a hairdresser, and David*, a former motor mechanic, and how the two of them had ended up living in the small tented campsite on the outskirts of the city, totally dependent on ZANE for literally all their needs.

Mary and David were friends and a great comfort and support to each other and the community they lived in.

With David being fitter and stronger than most there, he helped out often, running chores for others, helping find firewood and mostly by his cheerful nature which survived even through all the difficulties he had been faced with in his life.

Our case worker reported earlier this week:

David was at a friend’s place for a braai on Sunday two weeks ago. Returning home he was walking along the road back to the camp, when he must have had a massive heart attack and died where he stood.

I attended the memorial service out at the campsite and it was very moving, taking place under the beautiful, peaceful masasa trees.

There were 25 people there including those who had spent the Sunday with him, and they said he had been so happy and chatty that day, and what a shock it was for them all.

Many of his friends were Alcoholics Anonymous members, who have abstained for years. These people, I have come to realise, form very strong bonds of friendship and support, and this was certainly the case with this group.

David is constantly referred to when I visit the camp and they all miss him very much.

Mary has been quite bereft losing her friend and helper and I am concerned for her well being without him, although we will, of course, continue to meet her needs in terms of medication and food.

David was buried in a pauper’s grave for we must conserve our resources to help the living.

If you can help alleviate the suffering of people who have lost everything, please contact ZANE – any donation, however small, is gratefully received and used to the utmost good.

* Names and images have been changed for security reasons.

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