Silently Starving - ZANE Food Appeal 2016

Silently Starving – ZANE Food Appeal 2016

ZANE – Zimbabwe A National Emergency is an Australian registered charity that helps the destitute, vulnerable and impoverished people in Zimbabwe. It is the largest supplier of financial aid to elderly people and operates the only network of caring support in Zimbabwe. ZANE runs various projects: the treatment of 1,500 children with clubfoot, the provision of hearing aids, prosthetic limbs for victims of land mines, school and farming projects to support destitute women and children.

The situation in Zimbabwe is worse than ever. On top of massive governmental mismanagement and corruption, today large swathes of the country are suffering acute drought and a major famine. An estimated 2.4 million people need urgent food aid. The first to feel the cruel impact are the weakest and most vulnerable: like Peter*.

Widower Peter lost his job, savings and pension when the hyper-inflation hit and the economy collapsed. With national unemployment rates of over 90% he was soon destitute. Referred by a concerned friend, today ZANE supports Peter with regular food supplies and essential medication.

Peter’s situation is common. Conditions worsen daily and the waiting list of desperate people in need of ZANE’s support is growing.

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* Name has been changed on grounds of security