Something on their Mind

Something on their Mind

ZANE fieldworker Shirley writes

Unusually deliveries to 7 individuals took 2 and half hours, as every one of them really wanted to talk about something that was on their mind.

A resident in one home who used to cycle everywhere was killed on the road near the home and it has shaken everyone and several people talked about it.

One is angry about the state of driving and what could be done about it; she is ready to sign a petition or join a march if there was one in the offing. I liked her spunk.

Another wanted to talk about their fears of driving in town now, what alternatives did they have, how could they give up the car and “independence”? We talked through various alternatives.

Another filled me in on someone whom we are trying to help with a health issue but who had omitted some key information. Was it gossip? Yes and No, but helpful information for me all the same, as to how to proceed solving the health issue.

Another who has taken some time to decide on a visit to a family member in South Africa, just needed to talk through the logistics of getting to the bank to get the money to buy the ticket, then how to get to the airport, how to take money as Travelers Cheques are no more. I realize how lucky I am to have a husband to talk through such details.

One person who had attended the story telling workshop, was now wondering how to get more exposure of their own writings and poems. We talked about publishing, writing a Blog but, as is often the case, this generation doesn’t “do computers”. There are things to follow up here.

One person expressed sadness about the home’s management’s lack of personal interest in residents; it’s all business. This one fondly remembers the previous chairman and office person for their approachability and personal concern for all residents.

Another just wanted me to have a cup of tea and talk about this and that, in particular how magical life is as every time she needs something, it magically appears! I was proudly shown a new pair of shoes that she’d received without actually asking anyone.

While all this is time consuming, it fills out the basic work of managing money, and puts a very human dimension to my work.