Tom And Jane Benyon

Tom And Jane Benyon Walk For ZANE 2020

Monica Scots’ Story

For 16 years the desperate plight of the poor in Zimbabwe has involved famine, hyperinflation, political violence, disease, gross government mismanagement, and chronic corruption – a dreadful story of grinding hardship for its people. Yet despite teetering on near collapse, somehow Zimbabwe survives by the skin of its teeth: the reality is that it survives by the skin of its people.

The United Nations recently reported that 60% of Zimbabwe’s population, some 8 million people, will require urgent food aid by the end of the year.

Imagine living in a country without social services’ provision or healthcare. Imagine living in a country where your pension and tiny savings have been stolen by the state.

How can ZANE help? Because of limited resources, ZANE targets the money you generously send us with great care. ZANE is a “relational” charity and we only help people we know are in desperate need; people like Monica Scott (76), a retired primary school teacher. She never married and she takes pride in her independence. She had saved for her retirement. But her savings were destroyed in the great inflation of 2003-9: and once again inflation is rising over 600%, with ordinary foods and medicines out of reach except to the wealthy. When ZANE met Monica, she was malnourished and in profound despair: she had no option left but to beg. Today ZANE pays the rent of a retirement cottage and provides sufficient money to enable Monica to buy the food and medicines she needs.


Monica says: “If it wasn’t for the kindness of ZANE’s workers and the generosity of ZANE’s supporters, I would be in the gutter. I will never forget how well you have treated me. I am eternally grateful.”

Tom Benyon (the founder of ZANE) will be doing a sponsored walk in September – we asked why and this was the response: “for people like Monica – and there are many like her. They are why, Jane, I, and our dog, Moses, are walking again to ensure that those who need ZANE’s care most continue to receive the food and medicines required to keep them alive. We walk to let them know that ZANE cares; to provide much-needed hope at a time of despair.

With your generous support and encouragement, ZANE is ensuring the vulnerable people it serves are protected.

Monica’s plight could be mine: it could be yours.”


All money raised by ZANE Australia goes directly to the beneficiaries in Zimbabwe – please support Tom, Jane, and Moses in their walk by donating to ZANE Australia.