Tom and Janes Walk

Tom And Jane Benyon Walk For ZANE In Oxford

With COVID 19 seriously curtailing movements this year, many of the regular ZANE fundraising events have had to be cancelled.

However, Tom and Jane Benyon have come up with a novel way of staying within the restrictions and still completing their annual walk for Zimbabwe – they are undertaking daily walks in a social bubble, returning to their own home each night so that they do not risk transporting the virus from one place to the next.

Follow Tom and Jane’s daily walk as they stride out to raise money for the increasingly vulnerable elderly folk in Zim and please give if you can – every donation, no matter how big or small goes directly to where it is most needed.

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Lockdown Zimbabwe

The inevitable has happened; Covid-19 has reached Zimbabwe and the impact is devastating. Zimbabwe’s healthcare system has been collapsing for years; it can’t even begin to cope with an influx of patients requiring intensive care and ventilation.

With no social welfare structure to fall back on, the people of Zimbabwe face a stark choice; risk the virus or starve to death. So, despite the lockdown, thousands travel daily jammed in commuter buses: the concept of social distancing is as alien in the townships as clean running water.
ZANE is ensuring the elderly are protected as best they can be.

Partnering the UK Embassy in Zimbabwe, ZANE has provided PPE, sanitiser and cleaning equipment to all the care homes.
ZANE continues to provide life-saving aid to all those who rely on us for survival whilst maintaining the safety and security of ZANE’s brave and loyal workers across Zimbabwe.

This all costs money: this is why, this September, Jane, I, and our dog, Moses, are walking again for ZANE.
We walk to ensure those who need ZANE most continue to receive the food and medicine required to keep them alive. We walk to let them know that ZANE cares; that they are not alone.

We walk because your generosity enables ZANE to do its job.

If you have already sponsored ZANE, thank you. Your donation is already helping some of the most vulnerable people in Zimbabwe.

If you haven’t, please do so. ZANE’s donors are saving lives.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely

Tom Benyon OBE

PS: To ensure we comply with HMG’s regulations, our daily circular walks will start and end in the same locations so we can return home each night.