What A Week

Wednesday – Snapshot Of A Week As A Field Worker For ZANE

The role of field worker for ZANE in Zimbabwe is hugely challenging but also very rewarding. Every day is different; one cannot predict what the week will bring. I might start Monday full of hope and end it in tears of frustration. Equally, I might have the worst start to the day with a traumatic assessment of a pensioner in dire need, and end it drinking tea and laughing with a veteran whose health has been transformed thanks to effective diabetic medicine.

What follows is a snapshot of one week in September 2019 and all it entailed.


The moment I have been dreading arrives. With the fuel light flashing on my car, I can put off a trip to the petrol station no longer!

Thinking it’s my lucky day, I pass one with a short queue and quickly join it. I patiently wait as fuel is unloaded from the tanker. Two hours later, I finally reach the forecourt. I jump out of the car with a spring in my step only to be told the swipe machine for paying is broken. In a virtually cash-free society, life revolves around paying by card.

With tears brimming, I drive to the office and share my frustrations with the team. By the end of the day, one of the team members has miraculously sourced some fuel, which is delivered to the office in drums. We are all able to fill our cars.

Crisis averted… for this week.

That afternoon, I receive a phone call from the distressed neigbour of an elderly couple, both in their eighties. The husband is very ill and his wife is doing her best to care for him, but the neighbour is very worried about both. I agree to visit tomorrow.


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