Wheelchair Loan - James and Yvonne

Wheelchair Loan – James and Yvonne

ZANE field worker Shirley writes: 

This week I visited James and Yvonne.

We loaned him a wheelchair, with a bright pink tyre and a black one, he now has some freedom, he can sit outside and his son pushes him down the road, this is truly a blessing to him, after been stuck indoors and not able to go anywhere for months.

His wish is now to see his wife looking like a lady again, there she was sitting there in her son’s shorts, shirt and jerseys and barefoot. But she wore her big smile.

Thank goodness there were a few items of clothing at the office to use. We will have to sort out more things, as time goes on with his cancer he will be needing, towels and T shirts.

It’s folk like this that makes one appreciate every little thing in life.

God Bless