Walking for Zimbabwe: Tom's Walk 2016

Why We Are Walking – For Zimbabwe’s Forgotten People

Dear Friends,

We thank those of you who have already agreed to sponsor our walk so generously.

We set off on the 8th September and we propose to arrive in Ipswich on the 4th October.

This walk covers some 220 miles and we will produce a commentary each day of the walk.

When we have finished, Jan and I will have walked 2000 miles for the poorest of the poor in Zimbabwe.

Why are we walking? We are walking to attract attention to the most vulnerable people in Zimbabwe, often forgotten by the media.

Imagine watching your beloved country being destroyed by gross corruption and greed, your savings and pensions destroyed by inflation, your livelihood wrecked; imagine waking each morning in pain through lack of medicines, facing another day of hunger.

Should anyone who served the crown be allowed to live like this?

The country is in melt-down and the shattered economy deteriorates daily giving rise to great poverty and despair. Through gross corruption and mismanagement the government has lost control. The police and the civil service are often unpaid. Confidence throughout the country is at an all-time low and unemployment is rising to catastrophic levels.

Although the country has run out of dollars, fortunately ZANE’s ability to access and distribute case remains intact.

We would remind donors that ZANE is a relational charity in that we provide the only social services network in Zimbabwe. ZANE staff interviews all potential recipients of aid to ensure that only those who are genuinely in need receive our donor funds.

Please remember that ZANE has never lost money through corrupt officials, middlemen or bankrupt banks.

Donors can be confident that aid goes only where it makes a significant difference and save lives.

Thank you for your support. The generosity of ZANE donors and our ability to continue to distribute aid to the poorest of the poor and the vulnerable has never been so timely for their survival.

We are walking for the forgotten pensioners, for children with clubfoot, for victims of landmine explosions, for hungry school children and countless others caught in Mugabe’s web or terror.

If you haven’t already done so, please sponsor us.

Together we can turn hunger and misery into security and hope.

Yours sincerely

Tom Benyon OBE

Please donate to Zimbabwe charity