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ZANE Australia

ZANE Australia was set up in 2012 with the intention of assisting the efforts of ZANE UK to raise funds for distribution in Zimbabwe. Our vision and mission are closely aligned to ZANE UK. Within an atmosphere of cooperation with ZANE UK, we independently raise awareness and fundraise. We then remit funds to ZANE UK for distribution in Zimbabwe.

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We are an organisation with sufficient integrity, accountability, efficiency and reach throughout Australia to generate a high level of donor confidence and inspire fundraisers.

We raise funds through networking and personal initiatives in order to support the work of ZANE in Zimbabwe.

A Relational Charity

ZANE is relational charity and only gives to people whose plight we know and thereby we ensure donor money is not wasted.


ZANE is the only charity in Zimbabwe that provides support to all sections of the community.

Retirement Homes

ZANE is working to keep retirement homes running – many of them are near breaking point.


ZANE has a first class team on the ground across Zimbabwe.

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Donations made to ZANE in Australia since 1 July 2014, are tax-deductible. The Public Benevolent Fund and tax-deductible status provides ZANE Australia with the credibility and status to be able to approach institutions that can provide substantial financial assistance for those we support in Zimbabwe.

This is How ZANE Money is Used Globally

ZANE Australia - A Zimbabwe Charity