Thank You ZANE

ZANE Helps Family Pay Crippling Medical Bills

A few months ago 84-year-old John, was in a serious car accident. Left unable to walk or look after himself the family were desperate about how they were going to cope.

Doctors, tests, X rays, a scan, surgery, and then weeks of physiotherapy and recently we got the fantastic news that John is finally able to walk a few steps on his own again.

Everyone in John’s family rallied round to try and pay all the bills but the costs were overwhelming; they didn’t want to ask ZANE saying we do so much to help their Dad already but eventually they sent a plea for help. Within a couple of months, all the debts were covered and John’s son sent this message:

“Ma’am I certainly do not have the right words to say thank you to you and all those behind the scenes who made this surprise rescue possible. You have clothed me with peace of mind as well as given me a new breath of hope. I think to a reasonable extent, the financial situation that we were in, contributed to the slow rate of my dad’s recovery. He must have been seeing himself as a physical burden as well as a financial one. Today he will probably breathe a sigh of relief.

What you have done is the longest prayer for my Dad which is likely to convince the Almighty to reward him with more years. On behalf of the family, please share our love and appreciation with all the so important and kind-hearted members of this Trust. May the Lord God reward each one of you with abundant prosperity and most of all trouble-free life.

For now please accept these words from the deepest part of my heart; *THANK YOU*.”

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