ZANE SOS: In The Eye Of The Storm

As coronavirus storms the world wreaking havoc with lives, medical services, and economies, Zimbabwe’s problems are fading from the headlines yet the disaster for the people ZANE helps grows more desperate every day.

ZANE wants to show you how we are spending your money and how your generosity is saving lives. We want to keep you up to date with events as they unfold.

We propose to bring you a series of video updates to watch on our website, so you can see and hear key people working with ZANE telling you what’s happening in Zimbabwe. Links to enable access to these videos will be on the ZANE Australia website in due course.

We are also conducting a survey amongst a number of ZANE friends to ask the following:

(a) Are the video presentations helpful?
(b) What do they like about ZANE?
(c) What might we change to improve our charity?

Tom Benyon, the founder of ZANE has just returned from Zimbabwe and sent us this report:

“I was horrified to see the level of deterioration since my visit last September. Hospitals lack basic supplies while there’s a chronic lack of doctors and nurses.

Every professional we asked told us that when the coronavirus inevitably spreads through Zimbabwe, the result will be no less than “catastrophic”.
In Australia, we take things like hand-washing and good nutrition for granted, but these are not an option in Zimbabwe. There’s no running water in the rural areas, affecting millions, and soap is a rare luxury. Today, hunger has caught up with the Zimbabwean people.

In the coming months, our loyal team in Zimbabwe will be tested like never before. Demand for medicine is rapidly increasing, and the old and vulnerable – ZANE’s core concern – are most at risk.”

If you can make a donation to ZANE, please do so.


One New Problem Is This:

We raise money in Australian dollars, and we have to convert these into US dollars. The Australian dollar is at a record new low against the US dollar, so our funds will buy less food and medicines than ever before.

What makes matters worse is that the cries for help from the desperately needy people on our waiting list grow louder each day.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our work.

Your donations, prayers, and goodwill have saved countless lives and will continue to do so in these frightening and challenging times.

Best wishes

Nicky Passaportis

ZANE and the pensioners we support are extremely grateful for your kind generosity and offer heartfelt thanks to everyone who donates.