Vulnerable Pensioners

ZANE Supporting The Desperate Pensioners Under Covid-19 Lockdown

This report is from our ZANE team in Harare helping the pensioners who are struggling to cope.

Life has shifted to an extraordinary level here in that we are entering the perfect storm: Covid with no medical infrastructure; economic implosion, political fallout.

Many countries barely cope with one of these scenarios, we have all three. We are working in this environment and trying to be as ‘normal’ as possible because we have a large number of very vulnerable people depending on us in so many ways.

We have seen and heard of some very frail and sick people this week as the team go about their work.

Generally, people are depressed and despondent as we face extreme poverty and desperation everywhere we go. COVID – 19 is rapidly on the increase and on Monday we went into a second National lockdown situation, this time with a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am.

I went with M to see Joan – she is not well at all and I fear reaching the end. Island Hospice will be called in to give their support and ZANE will continue to look after her as best we can in her final days.

Rita M (charming as always) was in a panic because she has been unable to draw any money and so is very short of food right now. Hugely grateful for the food we gave her but a little uncomfortable having to ‘accept charity’.

Rolf W was alright but in great pain caused by a large venous ulcer on his ankle which is taking many months to heal. He is naturally an anxious man who has always worked very hard at planning his life, so is distressed about being dependent on others/charity now. We always need to spend a long time talking with him in an attempt to calm his anxiety.

As usual, our Pensioners were all very grateful for their ZANE support, even more so this month due to the inflation of the Zimbabwe dollar along with all the other difficulties. It is both touching and heartbreaking how so many of them ask particularly that we pass on their thanks to the unknown people who are helping them – thank you ZANE.

Some people have nobody to turn to other than ZANE – please help us to help them by making a donation to ZANE – every little bit helps.

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