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ZANE Teams Continue Their Work Through The Pandemic For Helpless Pensioners

As I write this there will not be a reader who is unaffected by the horrors of Covid-19. 

In Australia we are comforted to know that our state and federal leaders are doing everything they can to help us get through this difficult time and we know that our Medicare system will treat us all alike, be we rich or poor, old or young. We, in turn, will do the best we can to adhere to the rules and hope that we all get through this.

In Zimbabwe there is no such reassurance. The health system is completely broken – there are very limited testing facilities, an almost complete lack of protective clothing for medical staff or the ventilators which many will need – the little equipment available is reserved for the elite in a private hospital. 

The country is in lockdown from Monday but how can a population already starving and with limited access even to clean water and soap, hope to prepare themselves for what is to come.

Our brave ZANE teams are doing everything they can to help the vulnerable people who rely on them and I have had permission from one of these people to publish the letter below. 

Please give if you possibly can – we must keep the work of ZANE going.

Letter To ZANE

“It is not possible for me to express enough gratitude as I thank you for the speed and generosity with which the ZANE team in Bulawayo Zimbabwe reacted to my appeal for help for my sister and her husband – disabled after a stroke 14 years ago. His situation made worse by several mini-strokes since then.  My concern for their situation increased as the urgency for assistance grew more desperate – my sister had just had to spend five hours standing in crowded queues on Friday to buy a few much-needed necessities, very difficult for her as she also suffers a great deal of pain.

I first approached ZANE on 25th March – but gave contact details of my sister only on 27th March as I first needed to prepare her and to let her know that someone would contact her with assistance – as I knew she would be so embarrassed to ask for help … With lock-down in Zimbabwe looming – my own sense of embarrassment had already totally failed me.

On 27th March I gave the details to ZANE – which were forwarded to their team in Bulawayo. They immediately contacted my sister and 28th March – the very next day – she called me on Skype to let me know that a wonderful hamper of groceries had already been delivered to her at home.

Each time I refer to this I become so emotional – to know that the generosity of people still exists in these difficult and uncertain times.  It gives me hope for our future.

Thank you ZANE from the very bottom of my heart.”


The ZANE fieldworkers work so hard to keep the pensioners they support in good spirits and give them hope to carry on. Please help them to continue their important work by donating to ZANE. 


Please donate and make a difference!

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