Zimbabwe Currency Crisis: Banks Run Out of Money

Zimbabwe Currency Crisis: Banks Run Out of Money

Zimbabwe Currency Crisis – From a field worker:

The money supply situation in the town is now critical with all the banks having queues of many hundreds outside their doors from before 6am. Withdrawal limits have been dropped to 100 US dollars per person but many people are not getting to the front of the queues before banks run out money. Some grocery products are running out in the main supermarkets and there is widespread fear of empty shelves again.

Retirement homes all cash payments to staff have been stopped and all staff wages (even for low grade garden workers) are only being paid into bank accounts. Staff without bank accounts have had to open accounts. This applies to all of the staff, even nurses and has caused many problems and absences from work as staff have to join the bank queues to try and withdraw their pay.

Homes residents whose children have been sending money to them for groceries and medicines etc are no longer able to draw cash.

All of the above issues led to numerous phone calls, messages and notes from residents asking me to help with day to day cash problems which obviously I cannot do.