Zimbabwe Pensioners Have Savings Stolen By Their Own Children

Zimbabwe Pensioners Have Savings Stolen By Their Own Children

Seven years ago Paul* and Leslie* sold all their worldly possessions and sent the money to Paul’s daughter, Lynne*, (from his first marriage) in Tanzania.

The economy was very unstable in Zimbabwe at the time, companies were closing, banks were going into liquidation and fearful that they would lose everything, Paul and Leslie thought it safer to have their money out of the country.

The money was to be used to support Paul and Leslie as they grew older and they were confident it was an adequate amount.

Several months later Paul and Leslie decided to emigrate to Tanzania but when they arrived Lynne said she would support them from the money they had sent and would not give it to them to use as they wished.

Two months later, Lynne told Paul and Leslie that all their money was completely finished and that they would have to return to Zimbabwe.

Passive, timid and fearful people, Paul and Leslie felt they had no option but to accept this without argument. Lynne and her husband had clearly stolen their money and so Paul and Leslie returned to Zimbabwe, totally destitute and desperate.

Paul had served in the Royal Artillery in the British Army from 1950-54 and thereafter in the Rhodesian forces.

He was eligible for an RCEL grant and has been receiving this ever since. The grant, although a very welcome lifeline for Paul, is very small and nowhere near enough for their monthly expenses.

ZANE help Paul and Leslie with payment for medications, doctor visits and physiotherapy. Leslie has Guilean Barr syndrome, a debilitating condition causing extreme paralysis and considerable pain.

At one point she was at risk of losing her right foot and needed immediate medical attention and ZANE again stepped in to help.

Many of the doctor’s visits are reduced in cost to assist ZANE and working together we can make a difference to otherwise insurmountable problems.

Paul is crippled with arthritis and also needs medical treatment and medication and although they are a sad, desperate couple, they never complain and gratefully receive whatever attention and help we can give them.

Never did Paul and Leslie imagine they would have to face such a heartbreaking and painful old age and they don’t dare think what it would be like without the help of Zane.

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* Names and images have been changed on grounds of security.