Zimbabwe Pensioners Struggle Daily

Zimbabwe Pensioners Struggle Daily

A Cup of Tea with Milk

How many times have you said, “Just what I needed!”

The pleasure of relaxing with a cup of tea with milk and sugar and a biscuit or two is so comforting. How many times through the years have you sat down to a cup of tea after getting home from doing the shopping or working in the garden or having a stressful day or seeing to the many chores throughout a busy day, then sitting down with a cup of tea with milk and feeling your muscles relax and all the stress just disappears.

Unfortunately, many of the destitute pensioners in Zimbabwe do not have this luxury anymore. They make do with water and sometimes they don’t even have that!

A visit by one of our field workers relates a visit to one of the pensioners…

“Oh milky tea! I’ve been longing for this for two weeks.”

I had no idea that something so simple as meeting *Jane for tea would be such an emotional occasion for her. It had been more than a decade since Jane could afford to go into a restaurant; the last time was before her husband passed away.

That gave us something to talk about until our tea arrived; something other than bank queues, no money, lost pensions and the state of life in Zimbabwe. When the tea came I pushed the milk jug across to Jane and that bought tears to her eyes.

“I can’t tell you how I’ve been surviving this month,” she said, “I haven’t had milk for a fortnight and even bread’s been a luxury.”

When Jane had finished her second cup of milky tea we parted with hugs and tears; she was off to get some groceries, thanks to her Guardian Angel.

* Names and images have been changed for security reasons.