Zimbabwe Power and Cash Woes Continue

Zimbabwe Power and Cash Woes Continue

A ZANE field worker reports on Zimbabwe’s continuing power and cash problems.

We have again been experiencing extended power cuts, some lasting for 12 hours at a time which makes life difficult for everyone, particularly pensioners. No power also means no water making daily routines difficult.

The financial situation and cash availability remains critical in all areas. Huge queues at all the banks and buliding societies and very little hard cash is changing hands these days.Many banks are no longer accepting transfers from outside the country as they are unable to pay them, out in cash at this end. Money Transfer Agencies such as Western Union and Mukuru are in equally difficult positions.

Roadside vendors are struggling to make ends meet as customers have no cash; some are now accepting Ecocash transfers but its an expensive way to buy a packet of tomatoes or a dozen bananas!