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Zimbabwe Retirement Home in Dire Straits

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An Introduction to ZANE
Over the last week we have received many emails arising from the following Facebook and whatsapp message that has been circulating:

I am writing this with a very heavy heart and it’s a plea to the world out there. We are part of a beautiful community in a beautiful area called Borradaile Trust Retirement village in Marondera Zimbabwe.

Just recently the Trustee Board had to increase the rent and levy by quite a margin and this has brought fear to all of us as we are not able to meet this demand and some has already said they’ll have to leave but has no where to go. So my plea to anyone out there to please help keep the residents here and to support them in anyway you can.

My husband and I have been there and know what it feels like to be in dire straights when we lost our farm. My heart goes out to all here at the Trust and therefore if there are any good Samaritan’s out there please please help keep these people here at the Trust otherwise they’ll all have try and find cheaper accommodation which, at their advanced years, is not possible. In the past the local commercial farmers kept the Trust going but as you all know that has dwindled and it’s of great concern.

Many thanks for reading my plea and may God bless you all.

Many people have contacted us trying to find out how to help Borradaile Trust and the many elderly folk who live there.

ZANE has, in fact, been supporting Borradaile Trust, along with every other care home right across Zimbabwe, for the past 15 years and, without this support, many of them would have been forced to close down. ZANE will continue to aid all these homes to the best of its ability and to the maximum amount that donations allow it to do so.

If readers would like to support Borradaile Trust directly they can contact either the warden, Ian Buckle or the accountant, Ian Michell as they have now set up a mechanism whereby donations can be sent directly to the Trust.

If readers would like to support Borradaile as part of the ongoing ZANE work in Zimbabwe then donations can be made to ZANE Australia in the usual way.

Many thanks for the care and concern that you all show for the vulnerable elderly folk in our beloved Zimbabwe.

Nicky Passaportis
CEO ZANE Australia

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